Friday, August 5, 2011

Extra! Extra! Advertising your library?

As the fall semester approaches I am bracing myself for a semester of teaching.  However, I am still trying to be sure all my faculty know that I am available to integrate library instruction sessions into their classes.  Luckily for me other librarians are thinking about this too.  On the Information Literacy Instruction Discussion List the "reminder" email was brought up and librarians were sharing what they used to mass notify their faculty about library instruction.  A flyer was sent around, and I was inspired to create my own.  The best part of my week has been all the little projects I've been working on and asking my coworkers for help and getting something amazing in return.  For this flyer my coworker Sara Nixon took my ok content and made it super fabulous.  I am happy with the product and plan to send it out soon to my faculty.  It was surprisingly simple to make using PowerPoint and a built in Flyer Template.

I am not sure how effective this flyer will be.  I plan to email it to faculty. It's also loaded to our library web page.  With the green police on patrol I don't want to print out mass quantities, but I think I may print a few to post on my faculty central office boards.  The nice thing about the flyer is that I've made a PowerPoint version available to the rest of my library, so anyone can go in and alter some of the content to make it more specific to their needs.  Hopefully it's eye catching appeal will draw in some new faculty and serve as a reminder to others that they need to schedule now!

It's interesting seeing all the avenues people are taking to market their libraries.  A recent project we just debuted is our video "Civility: That's Our Policy" which imitates the familiar Liberty Mutual commercials of observing a kind act and feeling inspired to pass it along.  It seems to be well received and will be integrated into some of the first year student orientation tours.

What is your library doing to reach out and advocate itself?

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